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If you take an interest in having a glimmering steed, you have probably heard of Haas brushes. Made in Germany, Haas originated in 1919 from a region that has been crafting horse brushes for centuries. Distinguished by experience, Haas stands for quality through dedicated craftsmanship. While many brushes are now made by machine, Haas insists on keeping as much of the process done by hand as possible for precision that can only be achieved by humans.

The innovative design of Haas brushes ensures longevity, with the bristles and handle incorporated directly into the body of the brush. Without the use of glue, screws, or nails, these brushes are a safe option for both horse and rider, built to last for years to come. Whether the Haas brush you select is made out of natural or synthetic materials, be assured that it will produce a clean, shiny horse each time you use it. Read on to find the best Haas brush for every grooming situation.

Their motto "best care basis" is followed by the selection of materials, the manufacturing and final inspection. The combination of bristles made of different materials, craftsmanship and modern production technology ensures the exemplary quality standard and longevity of all Haas products. This equals happiness for horses, owners and grooms. All brushes are made in Germany.

We offer a selection of these fine brushes, from luxurious soft brushes to dirt dislodging stiff brushes.  Read reviews and discover your horse's new favorite brush!

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NO DISPATCHING BETWEEN 1st MARCH - 13th MARCH. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are at Horse of the Year in Hastings.


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