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Judges Choice

When two sisters with a love of show horses searched for the best quality grooming products in Australia, they didn’t find a winning choice on the market. So they created Judges Choice, specifically made for Australian Show Horses.

Judges Choice was established in 2013. Our products were developed and tested in conjunction with professional Producers to enable the company to produce a base range of products which started our Professional Collection. The company has been progressively growing since this time. 

All of the products are Australian made and of exceptional quality. At Judges Choice Australia we believe that quality is the most important element in the manufacture of our range. Our products will produce the best results of any range on the market due to the quality of our ingredients.

They are designed to thrive in our weather, with an emphasis being placed on their durability in our climate. 

JUDGES CHOICE AUSTRALIA is a Registered Trade Mark.
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~Why UberSnug?~
The special unique cut of our rugs features a higher over the wither design,preventing added pressure on the wither area, rug pull back and shoulder rubbing.

In addition with contouring with natural body shape, our full special coat conditioning lining and high quality fabric and fastenings, the end result
fits beautifully around the neck and body, minimizing friction, pressure and leaves the coat beautifully polished.

The attention is in the detail, making UberSnug Horsewear one of New Zealand's most popular choices of horsewear. #NZBRAND

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