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Kohnke's Own

Over the last 40 years, Dr. John Kohnke BVSc RDA has become a well-known Australian equine veterinarian and a respected advisor on the nutrition and practical care of horses.  He has written major books on horse feeding and nutrition, given 1000’s of seminars all over Australia and the world and published numerous articles and factsheets renowned for their in-depth knowledge and practical advice.

The Kohnke’s Own brand started in 2001 as a result of John’s extensive consultancy work with horse trainers, owners, breeders and veterinarians.  In the 19 years since the launch, Kohnke’s Own has become recognised as the innovative leader in the formulation and manufacture of equine supplements and health care products.

From start-up until the present day, John and his team have developed the extensive range of 29 Kohnke’s Own products to supply the best quality ingredients in unique and technically superior formulations proven by extensive research.

The family company includes his wife, Kaye (Accounts and Production Manager) and daughter Dr. Philippa Kohnke BSc PhD (Research and Information Manager).  They are proud to manufacture horse supplements and health care products which provide outstanding results but affordable prices for all Aussie horses and their owners.

Horse owners, riders and trainers trust Kohnke’s Own to provide exceptional horse nutrition and health care products for their horses.  The popular and free Kohnke’s Own Ration Analysis service also ensures Aussie horse owners are supported with reputable information and tailored advice on equine nutrition.

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~Why UberSnug?~
The special unique cut of our rugs features a higher over the wither design,preventing added pressure on the wither area, rug pull back and shoulder rubbing.

In addition with contouring with natural body shape, our full special coat conditioning lining and high quality fabric and fastenings, the end result
fits beautifully around the neck and body, minimizing friction, pressure and leaves the coat beautifully polished.

The attention is in the detail, making UberSnug Horsewear one of New Zealand's most popular choices of horsewear. #NZBRAND

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