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Orscana FAQ

How do I switch the Orscana sensor on? To switch on, press the button (tab) on the back of the sensor. When a green light appears, it is on.

How do I know if the sensor is on? There are 2 ways to check:

  • Push the button (tab) on the back of the sensor. If there is a red light, you have just switched it off. To turn it on again, push the same button and wait for the green light. Once the green light appears, the sensor is turned on.
  • You can also verify if your sensor is switched on with your app; if data is synchronizing, your sensor is on. If it does not working the first time: please quit the app, ensuring you come out of the app, then open it anew and synchronize the data again.

How do I turn off the Orscana sensor? To turn it off, just push the button (tab) at the back of the sensor. It is off when the red light appears.

How do I know if the sensor is turned off? To know if the sensor is switched off, either:

  • Push the button (tab) at the back of the sensor. If a red light appears, you have just turned off the sensor. If a green light appears, you have just turned it on. To switch it off, please push the same button and wait for the red light to appear. Once the red light is on, your sensor is switched off.
  • You may also verify that your sensor is turned off with your app: if data is not synchronizing, your sensor is switched off. 

Can I recharge the sensor? The sensor cannot be recharged. If it is not working anymore, it means the battery is empty and must be replaced. The battery type is CR2477H.

How do I replace the Orscana sensor’s battery? To replace the battery, you need to open the sensor. To open it, put your nail in the little gap by the button (tab) at the back of the sensor. Push lightly, the sensor should open itself.

Once it is open, carefully take the new battery out of the plastic casing. Take out the used battery out and replace it with the new one. The battery needs to be in the following position: the “+” face has to be facing towards the outside. Replace the battery cover on the sensor making sure everything is aligned.  Press the button (tab) to verify the sensor is on. A green light will appear. If you do not see the green light, then the sensor is not on, please check that the battery is in the correct position.

Which battery do I need for the Orscana sensor? The battery reference is CR2477.

How long does the battery last? Approximately 6 months with normal use (sensor switched on 24/7, with one daily synchronization)

I opened my sensor, how  do I close it? When you are changing the battery, place the battery into bottom casing of the sensor. Make sure that the button (tab) is aligned in the correct place then put the front case onto the back case.

What does it mean when both green and red sensor lights come on? When both green and red lights appear at the same time, it means that you switched on the sensor location service in the app or you have pushed the button and are in pairing mode. The two lights will switch themselves off.

The sensor is not working anymore, what should you do? If you bought your sensor less than a year ago, please contact us and we can forward any technical issues to the company.


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