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Kohnke’s Own Mag-E

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Kohnke’s Own Mag-E

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Nutritional Supplement for Anxious and Nervous Horses - 1kg

Trying to get a nervous, spooky or stressed out horse to stay calm during competition or training is tough, but Kohnke’s Own Mag-E can help! Mag-E is an effective supplement which have a role in helping horses remain calm and focused during training and competition. 

Mag-E can be given daily for relaxed, steady behaviour or supplemented a few days before and during an event, allowing your horse to relax and focus without reducing performance.

Mag-E contains multiple natural calming nutrients to help horses to focus more effectively and it does not swab, making it legal for competition.  Mag-E has an innovative formulation which includes synergistic calming nutrients which work together to normalise nerve and muscle function.  

Our Concept for Mag-E

We designed Mag-E with a high potency formulation for a better uptake in the digestive system, making it more effective than other common calmers.

Dealing with anxious, tense or ‘hot’ horses whether at home or during an outing is a frustrating problem. Mag-E is an effective solution, used and trusted by owners for all types of horses, from top level equestrian horses and racing Thoroughbreds to riding club horses and led-in show ponies.


Supplementation Guidelines

Each level scoopful of Mag-E provides 15 grams. (66 doses at 15gm)

The normal supplementation rate is 15 grams for horses (400 – 600 kg body weight). For ponies (less than 400 kg) give 10 grams and horses larger than 600 kg can be given up to 30 grams daily.  

Mag-E is normally given initially as a loading amount of 30 – 45 grams per day for horses for the first 5-7 days, before reducing to the normal maintenance rate. 

Mag-E can be used daily, on a long-term basis of 15 grams in the feed for horses which are naturally more nervy or stressed types. 

Mag-E is also suitable for horses which need help during competitions or busy shows, if unfocused or fidgety in stressful surroundings.  Mag-E can be used as a double dose (30 grams) in the feed, or even mixed as a long-lasting paste (30 – 45 grams of Mag-E with 20 ml water and 20 ml vegetable oil).  Give 4 hours before competition or situations where relaxed, calm performance is paramount.

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NO DISPATCHING BETWEEN 1st MARCH - 13th MARCH. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are at Horse of the Year in Hastings.


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