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The Warmth Factor - Poly Fill

What is Poly Fill?

It is very much like the poly fill that you get inside a pillow or comforter. It comes in long flat lengths rolled up.

The poly fill lining traps heat in the air pockets in the poly filll and keeps insulated.  A 300g polyfill means for every square metre of laid out poly fill it with 300g. Much like roof or wall insualation.

Rugging Info:

The performance between say a good 200g and 300g is not as dramatic as alot would think. Choosing which fill you would like comes down to personal choice, your individual horse, how long their coat is or how short you wish to keep it. Another factor to consider is how early or late in the season, in terms of weather and the shelter the horse has access to, such as stable, trees, paddock shelter etc.

Some horses are hotter than others, whilst others feel the cold more, such as young and older horses, or those in not good health. 

Heavier fills tend to experience less compression overall and provide the best insulation performance for longer, for those needing that security of warmth. 

BUT.......It is important not to over rug your horses also, with multiple un-needed layers for long lengths of time.

But if you have ever woken up in bed feeling blah from having too many blankets or leaving the electric blanket on, or felt dizzy and sick when entering a hot room, then you will know what the early stages of heat stress feel like. Overheating leads to heat stress, which can:


  • damage body cells and tissues
  • affect the body's immunity to disease
  • decrease growth and healing
  • cause electrolyte imbalances
  • reduce thyroid gland function (and the ability of the horse to control its own body temperature)
  • cause problems with sperm; embryo development; and lactation in breeding horses
  • lead to obesity, particularly if owners also feed the horse more because the weather is cold



We at UberSnug, know that providing options allows you to get the best from your horsewear. Our Doona Rugs and Combos, include removeable options, such as belly band, to create the desired level of warmth that you required at the time, allowing you to remove warmth when not needed.
Our Doona range is ideal alone in the stable or travelling, or under your turnout rugs or un-fill rain sheet to create an insulated layer of warmth that you need for the given weather. 



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NO DISPATCHING BETWEEN 1st MARCH - 13th MARCH. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are at Horse of the Year in Hastings.


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