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The Spec Factor - Denier

Need some help understanding Horse Rug Specifications?

Do you get a little flustered when working out which rug is the best specification wise to your needs? Hopefully this will help you gain some understanding on common specifications mentioned relating to a rug. 


Probably, the one most known and high on consumers list when looking to purchase a new rug. It can be confusing, with more and more options becoming available. 

The term "Denier" is usually used when describing a waterproof fabric used notable for turnout rug and combos, but also in the UberSnug range, our waterproof Tail bags, Hay Bags and Travel Boots. 

The thickness of the individual thread used in the yarn weave is what is referred to as the "Denier: The most common produced horse rug Denier is 600D, 1200D and 1680D. The cost generally also increases as Denier increases.

The basis is - The higher the "Denier", the thicker the weave, therefore the stronger the material. A 1200D compared to a 600D will generally be much more durable and likely a longer wear life. Likewise a 1680D is the ultimate and again likely more durable and wear life. They are however a much more premium price.

Some consumers prefer 600D as they are lighter which means they are easier to handle and lighter on your horses back so there is increased comfort. The fabric is also lower cost and you can have a high performing horse rug at a lower price.

The higher denier rating rugs have a thicker fabric and this is somethimes important if you have a horse that is rough on rugs and seems to find ways to rub against anything around or finds other ways to damage your rug. Where horses are paddocked together you can also get one horse that wants to bite and pull on anothers horse rug and cause damage.

The denier rating will make little difference to the warmth provided, windproof protection or waterproof performance. All the fabrics also contain a riptop thread to limit the extent of any tears that occur to make repairs possible.


So... Which is best? Well that at is all a personal choice!
All have their place and uses, however the main factors to consider are your budget, weather, nature of horse and environment the horse is in and what it has to stand up to.

1200D is a good medium of most factors and a very popular choice when it comes to weighing up all options available.  

2018 will see the launch of the first of the range of turnout rugs, designed by UberSnug. Keep an eye out on our website.




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NO DISPATCHING BETWEEN 1st MARCH - 13th MARCH. We apologise for the inconvenience. We are at Horse of the Year in Hastings.


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